Embryo Donation

embyro donationEmbryo donation program have helped many women around the world on pursuing their dream of motherhood.

Who can benefit from Embryo donation Treatment:

  • Females with no ovaries
  • Females with ovaries who have a failure to produce eggs (situations such as premature menopause).
  • Females who are recommended to benefit from the egg donation due to genetic problems.
  • Females with damaged ovaries because of radiotherapy, chemotherapy due to reasons like cancer.
  • Older females who went through menopause.
  • Single women

Selection of egg donors:

In selecting egg donors , patient must send us her picture, blood group, and fill the form and state her height, weight, ethnicity, etc...

At our clinic, we have a very wide range of donors, and multiple nationalities. Cyprus is very well-known for its universities, and students come from all over the world to study & live in Cyprus and this what makes us able to have donors from all over the world. Egg donation treatment in Cyprus must be anonymous according to the laws of TRNC.

  • Egg donors who are accepted at our clinic, are checked from the following:
  • Must be between 19-26 years old
  • Chromosomal Analysis Test (Karyotype)
  • Hormone blood tests & pelvic scan
  • All infectious diseases
  • More than 70 kind of genetic diseases
  • A session with our part-time psychologist at the clinic to make sure the donor has no psychology or mental problems
  • No history of mental , and genetic diseases in her family

The needed Medical Tests:

Women Hormone Blood Tests:

  • FSH (follicle stimulating hormone)
  • TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone)
  • E2 (estradiol)
  • Prolactin

Women Above the age of 45 years old are required to make extra tests to make sure that they are fit for pregnancy and pregnancy doesn’t harm them; These tests are the following:

  • Liver Function: (1) ALT (2) AST
  • Kidney Function: (1) Creatinine (2) UREA
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood Glucose Level
  • Cholesterol Level
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Complete Urine Test

Additional to these tests, you will need:

  • Letter from an internal medicine doctor & Cardiologist confirming that you are fit for pregnancy.

These tests can be done in Cyprus; if the patients prefers.

Trans-vaginal scan (Ultrasound Scan) for ovarian & uterine assessment Ultrasound Scan:

The purpose of these scans is to measure your response to medication. More precisely, the purpose of the scan is the following:

  • Assessment of endometrial appearance and thickness
  • Assessment of uterine conditions (to make sure there are no uterine pathologies that may interfere with our treatment).

Semen Analysis:

  • A semen analysis helps assess the quality of a sperm sample with respect to key parameters including sperm volume, concentration (count) per mL, motility, morphology, pH and round cell count. 

Infectious Diseases Screening:

  • Anti-HIV – test for HIV/AIDS infection
  • Anti-HCV – test for Hepatitis C virus infection
  • Rubella IgG- IgM – test for German measles infection
  • CMV IgG – test for Cytomegalovirus infection
  • HbsAg – test for Hepatitis B virus infection
  • VDRL – test for Syphilis infection
  • Anti- Hbs

how to start the treatment:

  • Step 1

To Read everything carefully and send all of your questions to your coordinator. Please don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you want. Please know that you have the right to schedule a call or video call at anytime to ask and get to know your coordinator and doctor. We believe the relationship between the doctor & patient is very important, as she will be performing your treatment, this is why you should be relaxed and happy with your doctor.

  • Step 2  

Fill the application form that is sent to you by your coordinator or you can schedule a call with your coordinator and she will ask you some questions.

  • Step 3 

Schedule a pelvic scan date with your Gynecologist. Also, to make the required Medical Tests. 

  • Step 4

Send the application form, Medical tests results, and Scan to your coordinator.

  • Step 5

Once you have sent your results. Within 24 hours, your coordinator will send you an assessment letter from the doctor. This assessment letter, will have everything included, about your situation, success rates, best treatment for you, and advices

  • Step 7 

At this time after everything has been organized, you will be receiving your medical Treatment protocol and a prescription to start your treatment.

Egg & Sperm Collection

Our team will advise you of your pick-up time for the day of egg donor collection. During the eggs collection, our team at Kyrenia IVF will be preparing the sperm sample from your partner (or donor). Abstinence from ejaculation for two to three days prior to providing the semen specimen is recommended. 


The most motile sperms are selected for fertilization. To ensure fertilization, our team uses the ICSI procedure. This technique involves the insemination of sperm into each egg by micro-injection. Once you have had the appropriate rest, our transfer team will take you back to your hotel. Our doctors will also discuss with you the amount of eggs that were collected and the sperm quality. Our team will also discuss with you any other information regarding the procedures carried out that day. After 24 hours, you will receive an update regarding the fertilization process and the amount of embryos. 

Embryo Transfer

The embryos are transferred on either day three or day five of development. Our compassionate embryologist is highly skilled in identifying healthy embryos and in some cases will recommend extending embryo development to day five — also known as blastocyst stage. Blastocyst transfer is common in IVF cycles as it can increase the chances for success while decreasing the likelihood of multiples. Dr. Verda will work closely with our Embryologist to determine if a day three or day five transfer is ideal for you. On transfer day, Dr. Verda will discuss with you the quality and quantity of your embryos. You can then decide how many you wish to have tran sferred. Again you will be shown to a room and provided with the necessary garments. Embryos are transferred to the uterus through a soft embryo transfer catheter. This painless procedure is similar to a pap smear and does not require any anaesthesia. The embryos are placed in a small amount of fluid inside the catheter, which is passed through the cervix at the time of a speculum examination and ultrasound guıdance. The embryos are placed in a position to reach the top part of the uterus. The catheter is removed and checked to ensure that all the embryos have been transferred. You are required to have a full bladder for the transfer procedure and we advise that you begin drinking water on the way to the hospital. After the embryo transfer is complete, your bed will be wheeled from the procedure room into your private room, all while you remain lying flat on your back. Since you must remain as flat as possible, a bed pan will be brought to you by the nurse approximately 15 minutes after the transfer procedure if needed. If you desire to use cryopreservation, the good quality embryos that are not transferred can be frozen in liquid nitrogen, carefully labeled and stored in the embryo bank. These can be used in subsequent cycles if pregnancy is not achieved on the first attempt or if you decide to have more children at a later date. 

The Result

The most accurate test for pregnancy is the beta hCG blood test — 12 days after the embryo transfer (day 1 being the day after transfer took place). hCG is human, also known as 'the pregnancy hormone'. The body begins to produce hCG when an embryo begins to implant in the uterus. While we understand many intended parents are anxious to find out the results at home, please wait until day 12. The ovulation trigger injection the nurse administered prior to egg collection contains hCG and if you test too soon you may pick up traces of this and NOT the hCG produced by pregnancy. The injection can remain in your system for 8-10 days so testing too soon may give a false positive. The beta hCG test will report the level of hCG hormone that is present. 

In some cases, it can be difficult to have a blood test carried out. A home pregnancy test will indicate whether or not there is any detectable hCG in your urine and not the level present. Please wait to carry out a home pregnancy test 14 days after the embryo transfer. Please note hCG is present in urine in the highest concentration first thing in the morning. 

If you have a positive result, it is very important that you continue the medication as advised by Dr. Verda. You can also advise your doctor / gynaecologist as you will need support and subsequent tests and scans. You should repeat the beta test in 2 to 3 days. The goal is to have the level of hCG double every 3 days. If it does another beta test should be carried out in another 2-3 days time. If all three betas indicate a healthy pregnancy, then a vaginal ultrasound will be scheduled between 6 to 8 weeks of the pregnancy. At that time, your doctor will be looking for a heartbeat and a gestational sac to confirm the pregnancy. 

If the result is negative and you have had a blood test on day 12, ALL medication should cease straight away. If the result is negative and you have carried out a urine test on day 14, werecommend that you continue taking the medication as advised by Dr. Verda for another 2 days and test again. If the result is still negative, ALL medication should cease right away. 

Any negative result on your pregnancy test is devastating — Dr. Verda and the Kyrenia IVF staff are available to answer any questions you have about the procedure and discuss further options for you.

About UsKyrenia IVF Hospital

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At Kyrenia IVF Clinic, we acknowledge that it’s not easy to go through IVF, but we believe that if you know what to expect and have truthful answers, to all of your concerns and about your treatment details.

It will help you to feel more in control and the treatment will seem less daunting.

Our aim is to provide you with full truthful information and walk you through each stage in details prior starting your Journey that we hope it will be successful.




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Patient Guide

When a woman cannot carry her own pregnancy to term, some work with another woman who agrees to be a gestational surrogate. Specialists use IVF to make embryos with a woman’s eggs and her partner’s sperm. The surrogate is the one who goes through the pregnancy after IVF. But her DNA is not involved. The baby will be the biological child of both husband and wife.

Women who are over 40, have poor egg quality, or have not had success with previous cycles may consider an egg donor. This involves combining the man’s sperm with another woman’s donated eggs. If the procedure works, the woman becomes pregnant with a child who is biologically related to her partner but not herself.

Doctors will inject the sperm directly into the egg in a lab. This technique, called “ICSI” (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), helps when a man’s sperm count is very low or his sperm don’t move well. When the fertilized egg is ready, it goes into the woman’s uterus through the normal IVF process.

Fertile women can choose IUI using sperm from a donor. It may take several tries, but pregnancy rates are over 80%. You and your partner may want to see a counsellor first, to make sure you’re both ready to raise a child who is not biologically related to the father.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a popular procedure for many fertility problems. Doctors place the man’s sperm into the woman’s uterus, but not into the egg itself, while she ovulates. You may also need to take drugs to prompt your body to ovulate. IUI is less expensive and simpler than IVF (in vitro fertilization), but pregnancy rates are much lower.

These include:

  • Low sperm count
  • Poor sperm movement
  • Misshaped sperm
  • Blocked sperm ducts

A few lifestyle changes can make a difference. If you smoke, quit. Smoking lowers fertility for men and women and dims pregnancy rates. In one study, men who stopped smoking saw their sperm counts climb 800%. Also, check your diet. Is it as healthy as possible? Ask your doctor about supplements. Some vitamins and

Knowing your menstrual cycle improves your chances of getting pregnant. The first phase starts with the first day of your period or blood flow. Your body releases hormones that makes the eggs inside your ovaries grow. Between day 2 and 14, those hormones also help thicken the lining of your uterus to get ready for a fertilized egg. This is called the follicular stage.

Generally, the highest chance of pregnancy is when sex happens1-2 days before ovulation. If you have a regular 28-day cycle, count back 14 days from when you expect your next period to start. Plan on having sex every other day around that time -- say, days 12 and 14.  Keep in mind that having sex every day may lower a man's sperm count. Your cycle may be longer or shorter, so an online ovulation calculator may help you identify the likely day.

TestimonialsSuccess Stories

I highly recommend this clinic to anybody considering IVF in north Cyprus..
"From the minute I walked in to the clinic I was greeted by friendly welcoming staff. The clinic is very clean and and hygenic. Dr Verda gave me confidence from our very first consultation. She is very warm and kind and knew exactly what treatment I needed and set up a plan for me. I was guided all the way throughout my treatment by the very kind patient co ordinator called Ranya. She was always available to answer any of my questions whenever I needed her. Im so happy I chose Kyrenia IVF clinic as I got my very first postitive pregnancy trying first time. Thank you to all of the staff at Kyrenia Ivf Centre for making my dreams come true."
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P. E / UK

TestimonialsSuccess Stories

My experience with the clinic was such a positive one.
"Ranya the International Coordinator, Dr. Verda, the nurses, the embryologist and the whole staff are just wonderful and caring. They arrange everything for you while you are in Cyprus so there's no need to stress. They are an amazing team and map out an individual plan for each patient. I always felt I was in good hands..."
tup bebekcik


TestimonialsSuccess Stories

The whole team at Kyrenia IVF Clinic in Cyprus are wonderful
"They treat you as if you are one of their family and for the first time, I felt as if I was being treated as an individual; taking into account my history and past failures. The clinic itself is cool, clean and high quality. The standard of care was excellent from pre-treatment directions, treatment, recovery and post-care. I always felt in good, safe hands. If you are travelling from overseas, they arrange pick up, provide you with hotel options and taxi rides to and from the clinic. I can’t thank Dr Verda Tunçbilek (Gynaecologist and IVF Specialist) and Ranya (Senior International Patient Coordinator) enough for their outstanding care. I highly recommend Kyrenia IVF Clinic"
tup bebekcik

K.R / UK

TestimonialsSuccess Stories

Thank you so much!
"I can't find words to describe how grateful I am to dr. Verda and the whole team of Kyrenia IVF Clinic in Cyprus for turning my biggest dream into reality! Beginning with the amazing and most patient person in the world, Ranya, who led me throughout the whole process, so I never found myself scared or confused, till the nurses who were so careful and considerate, so my IVF journey was like a nice holiday in sunny Cyprus :) Majd was with me from the first e-mail till the end! You literally don't have to think about anything but yourself! She was always there when I needed her, regardless the time! I still feel like whatever I say about dr. Verda and her professionalism won't be enough and it won't be thorough. She is a great professionalist and an amazing person. She definitely makes miracles ! I got pregnant from the first try and I will never get tired repeating "Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you did for me and for the friendly and soothing attitude!""
tup bebekcik

T.V / Bulgaria

TestimonialsSuccess Stories

We just love being here at the clinic because the staff is so nice that no words can tell:))
"Gokce is the most amazing nurse and the kindest person on Earth without any exaggeration!! Ranya were always available when needed, always kind and patient with us, she really did a great job. Dr. Verda and his team is great, the most friendly and professional guys whom we ever encounter! Cannot be grateful enough for their patience and kindness and professionism. And we are particularly grateful because Dr. Verda and the whole crew were super super open minded about our situation (we are a rainbow family) what was really important for us. So THANK YOU SO MUCH for your limitless hospitality and loving care.."
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Z.M/ Hungary

TestimonialsSuccsess Stories

شكرا جزيلا لكم!
ا أستطيع أن اجد الكلمات الكافية لوصف كم أنا ممتنة للدكتورة فيردا وفريق عيادة كيرينيا للتلقيح الاصطناعي بالكامل في قبرص لتحويل حلمي إلى حقيقة! بدءًا من الشخص المذهل والأكثر صبرًا في العالم منسقتي ، التي قادتني طوال العملية بأكملها ، لذلك لم أجد نفسي خائفًا أو مرتبكًا ، حتى الممرضات كانو حذرات و محترفات ومراعيات لحالتي ، كانت رحلتي في التلقيح الاصطناعي بمثابة عطلة لطيفة في قبرص المشمسة :) كانت المنسقة معي من أول بريد إلكتروني حتى النهاية! إدا قررت المجيء للعيادة من أجل العلاج، لن تحتاج لأن تفكر بأي شيء لأنهم يفعلون كل شيء لأجلك ! منسقتي كانت دائمًا موجودة عندما أحتاجها ، بغض النظر عن الوقت! ما زلت أشعر أن كل ما أقوله عن الدكتورة فيردا ومهنيتها لن تكون كافية ولن تكون شاملة. إنها محترفة رائعة ومدهشة شخصيا. إنها بالتأكيد تصنع المعجزات! لقد حملت من المحاولة الأولى ولن أتعب أبدًا من تكرار "شكرًا من أعماق قلبي على ما فعلته من أجلي وعلى الموقف الود والمهدئ!"
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